Go Bananas Launch Event. Harley Stallard.

“The sunshine fund are amazing charity, they have brought so much happiness into Harley’s life and many other children in the North East it is great to see all the other children and parents so happy by providing equipment to make there days a lot easier. Thanks very much really appreciated Claire.”

Claire Stallard

Go Bananas Launch Event. Cameron Healey.

“Cam’s new chair has changed our lives completely as we can now go out as a family knowing that Cameron is comfortable and we are not going to strain ourselves.  We cannot thank the supporters of the Sunshine fund enough for all their donations which has meant this great change to our lives.”

Joanne Heeley

Go Bananas Launch Event. Nieve Flint.

“Thank you to the sunshine fund for funding Nieve’s fantastic All Terrain Buggy. This new buggy has had a huge impact on us as a family. We have found ourselves being able to do much more adventurous things as the buggy allows us to take Nieve on more bumpy surfaces so walks though the countryside or down the Derwent are now a breeze. The buggy also transforms into a bicycle trailer enabling us to take Nieve on bike rides. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. We are extremely grateful.”

The Flint Family