Donating to the Sunshine Fund

Making a donation:


Every donation, no matter how small or large, will generate benefits for charity and the people it helps.


There are many ways to donate:

  • Make a one off donation - share your good fortune from a lottery win, work or savings bonus
  • Set up a regular donation - through payroll giving or direct debit
  • Donate & Celebrate - christenings, anniversaries, retirements…whatever your occasion to celebrate invite your guests to donate instead of buying gifts. Or donate as an alternative to giving out wedding favours
  • Leave a legacy - leaving something in your Will can make a real difference and is simple and straight forward to do.
  • Set up a Fund - to improve the lives of children today and in the future in memory of a loved one


Here’s how your money, and all the money we raise each year, adds value:


  • £295 - Will purchase a floating bed to allow a child who has suffered meningitis to enter a swimming pool safely and comfortably enabling fun time in the water with their family and friends.
  • £330 - Purchases an iPad to help a child with Autism develop concentration skills and condidence plus literacy and written skills.
  • £980 - Will buy an adapted trike for a child with Down Syndrome, allowing them to enjoy social acitivies with their peers whilst exercising their muscles.
  • £3307 - Fully equips a family room in a children’s hospice with educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation toys
  • £8000 - Will provide a special dynamic wheelchair for a child with Cerebral Palsy to aid mobility and movement helping them to enjoy an active life.
  • £12,338 - Can fully equip a special school’s multi-sensory room to relax and stimulate children with severe disabilities and life threatening illnesses.


Remember…The Gift Aid scheme enables charities to reclaim the tax you paid on the value of your donation. For a basic rate tax payer this means that every £10 donated using Gift Aid, is worth £12 to our charity. Charitable legacies reduce your inheritance tax liability. Our charity number is 1133293


Here are some of the families your money helps

Mother, Chris, talks of the every day challenges she faces bringing up her twin boys Lewis and Eliott who have Cerebral Palsy. Many thanks to the Caswell’s, their friends and the school for giving up a day for filming and especially to Dene Films who donated the film to us.