Glass Slipper Award Criteria


This award recognises the achievement of an individual in their first year of participation in their chosen role.

The criteria are that the nominee should be:

  • An individual that has made an exceptional contribution / had a significant impact in the local community or organisation
  • Going above and beyond what would normally be expected of the role
  • An inspiration/role model for others

Customer Service

The judges will be looking for businesses that offer the highest level of service to each and every customer. The judging criteria will be based on:

  • First impressions of staff
  • Acknowledgement and greeting
  • Selling skills
  • Overall service levels
  • Interaction with the customer
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations (Going that extra Mile)

Collaboration of the Year

The two partners must have worked together on a successful project that achieved its aims and objectives and contributed to make a lasting impression.

Success of the Year

  • Achieved aims and objectives
  • Achieved end result
  • Went above and beyond the role

Lifetime Achievement

  • The nominee should have had a significant impact on corporate, community and family
  • The nominee should demonstrate a personal passion.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated the desire and ability for life and success.
  • This person will be recognised as a leader in their field being highly esteemed and respected by their peers and business people around the North East.

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