Fundraising for Equipment for Children with Disabilities in the North East | The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund Charity

How to apply:

The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund was established in 1928 when King George V visited Newcastle to open the Tyne Bridge. In order to commemorate this special occasion, he donated a birthday cheque of £15 to enable Tyneside children to have a day out at the coast.

The Evening Chronicle adopted the fund as its own charity and over the years has raised thousands of pounds to help children. Re-launched in 1995, the fund now helps provide specialist equipment for children with disabilities throughout the North East.

Who can apply?

The following are eligible to apply, as long as they are situated within the Evening Chronicle area, the child is 18 or under and an application has not been made in the last 12 months.

  • Organisations
  • Individuals

The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund helps improve the quality of life by providing specialised equipment to children with disabilities, equipment that is not funded by the NHS or any other source, such as:

  • Trikes
  • IT equipment
  • Wheelchairs
  • Profiling beds
  • Sensory equipment

If successful or unsuccessful, you will have to wait a full12 months before you can apply again.

How to apply:

Download our application and our guidelines or email [email protected] for an application pack.

You need to:

  • Complete our application form - Unfortunately we have had to defer and reject applications due to unsatisfactory information, please make sure you complete the application in full.

  • Submit two supporting letters - We require two supporting letters to support the application, this can be an OT, Teacher, GP, Hospital or Nursery, the two letters need to state why the child will benefit from the piece of equipment.

  • Submit two quotes - We require two quotes for the equipment that you require. We have a list of suppliers that our beneficiaries have used in the past, if you would like us to recommend any suppliers, please contact us for details on 0191 2016090 or email [email protected]

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email once we have received the application, we may ask for additional information so please make sure you supply us with the correct email address as we are now in the process of contacting all our applicant’s this way to save on postage costs.

We always ask individuals or organisations to be featured in the Evening Chronicle newspaper if successful, as the publicity helps raise awareness and helps others looking for support and for local businesses to come forward to make donations. Please state on your application if you would be happy for this to be arranged (see question 21).


  • Assistance for holidays / trips
  • Contributions to general fundraising appeals
  • Garden / home renovation or improvement
  • Travel or car lease
  • Childcare costs
  • Professional fees / costs
  • Training / College Fees

Forthcoming Meetings:

November 2012 – date to be confirmed.

It may take up to two weeks after the meetings to receive information regarding our decision, but all applicants will be notified, by email.


Cheques for the equipment will be sent to the applicant named on the equipment application form. The cheque will be made payable to supplier that is providing the equipment, it is then your responsibility to then organise purchase of the equipment.

Where to apply:

Applications should be sent to:
Julieanne Kelly
Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund
Groat Market
Newcastle upon Tyne

[email protected]

If you have any further questions please call 0191 2016090.

The Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund is not responsible for the maintenance and / or ownership of any equipment purchased. The equipment is the responsibility of the organisation or the individual applying.

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