The 10 brave children at the centre of our campaign

Aaron, Go Bananas Appeal

02 Jun The 10 brave children at the centre of our campaign

FOR the month of June we’re calling on you to dig deep and raise cash for needy children across the region.

As part of The Sunshine Fund’s Go Bananas appeal, we’re challenging big-hearted folk to raise £60,000 – our biggest ever target.

So if you needed any inspiration, here are 10 children who would benefit from your fundraising…

Samuel Brown

This five-year-old, from Preston Grange, North Shields, never complains despite the effects of his condition, arthrogiposis, which contracts the muscles and tendons, meaning regular surgery.

He’s hoping for a beach wheelchair, which costs just over £3,100.


Abbie Clelland

At 15, Abbie would benefit hugely from a hydro pool, costing just under £5,000. The Newcastle teenager suffers from a congenital condition called microchepaly as well as development delay and epilepsy.

The warmth of the pool would ease her muscles and give her a sense of freedom out of her wheelchair, said mam Debbie.


Michael Hyslop

Living in Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, the cerebral palsy sufferer is not far from the beach but can’t enjoy it in his wheelchair.

The rapidly-growing 15-year-old, who is also deaf, enjoys being out and about and an all-terrain wheelchair, costing just over £10,700, would open up his horizons.


Leonie King

The 11-year-old from Cramlington, who has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties, is registered blind but special apps on an iPad used at school has made a world of difference in stimulating her through music and lights. Having her own iPad, at the cost of £380, would delight the “always smiling and happy” youngster.


Cameron Heeley

A hoist, costing just over £6,000, would make life far easier for both this Chester-le-Street teenager and his family.

He’s 18 now and, suffering from scoliosis, development delay and epilepsy, he needs a hoist to help him around the home.


Aaron Armstrong

Health issues facing this four-year-old from Rowlands Gill in Gateshead include cardiac-related problems, stemming from being born with a hole in the heart.

He loves going out and he would be able to do much more of it with the help of a trike costing just over £1,046.


Lucie Ballantyne

Mam Michelle, from Seaton Burn, has been waiting for an exact diagnosis of why her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter cannot walk properly.

A pushchair, at just under £300, would help with Lucie’s mobility.


Max Kaczmar

Having been born with a rare genetic condition, the three-year-old from Newcastle has had problems with his organs as well as walking and breathing.

Two years ago he received a specialist bed from the Sunshine Fund and grateful mam Rachel is always keen to get involved in our fund-raisers to say thank-you. An iPad, for £380, would help the youngster with his learning and development.


Charlie Atkinson

A trampoline might sound just a piece a play equipment but it could have very serious benefits for Charlie.

The eight-year-old, from North Shields, has autism and a learning disability. The application is for an £820 trampoline with night lights which will help to hold his attention span.

Penny Turner

Two-year-old Penny, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland, was born with spina bifida and had surgery on her spine when she was just days old. But she has been left with a weakness in both legs so can’t support herself.

The special child’s wheelchair she’s hoping for costs just over £2,200.

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