Turtle-y Brilliant

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19 Feb Turtle-y Brilliant

AN opening offer at Newcastle’s newest restaurant paid off for disabled children across the North East to the tune of £3,200.

Caribbean eatery Turtle Bay invited first-time diners to ignore menu prices and pay what they liked on its first day of opening.

And it decided to double the amount raised and donate it to our Sunshine Fund charity.

Mark Hopkinson, general manager of Turtle Bay’s Newcastle branch – an £800,000 venture within the former Co-operative Building in Newgate Street – was delighted at the day’s success.

“We were over the moon with the way that the opening day went here in Newcastle.

“There were lots of happy diners and therefore lots of money raised for a brilliant charity,” he said.

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“I can’t think of a better way to get started – here’s to sunny times ahead in Newcastle.”

Customers throughout the launch day were invited to pay only what they felt their meal was worth – and they clearly liked what they tried of the authentic Caribbean menu at the restaurant and bar which aims to capture the flavour and colour of the sunshine islands.

Turtle Bay’s pledge to match the amount left by customers brought the total to a whopping £3,200.60; an amount which the charity says can make a real difference in helping to improve children’s quality of life.

The charity raises money to provide specialist equipment, ranging from iPads to help with communication to all-terrain buggies which allow families to enjoy day trips out.

Clare Savory, the Sunshine Fund’s head of fundraising, said how grateful she is to everyone who visited Turtle Bay on the opening day and entered into the spirit of the occasion.

She said: “We are overwhelmed with the amount raised.

“It will make a huge difference to the charity and the children we are able to support.”

Turtle Bay seats 150 customers and has a standalone bar, opening daily from 11.30am.

It closes at 11.30pm from Sunday to Wednesday then later on Thursdays (12.30am) and Fridays and Saturdays (1.30am).

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