Go Bananas 2015

12 Mar Go Bananas 2015

Help us – Go Bananas!

Please help us raise £50,000 this June to buy pieces of specialist equipment for children here in the North East !

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Meet the children your money will support!

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Meet Jack, he is 7 years old and has Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy. He needs requires sensory equipment help him focus and to keep him calm which will help with his sleep patterns and help his parents get a good nights rest.

Sensory Equipment – £1278.30

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Meet Elliot, he is 15 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. He requires a stand up all terrain wheelchair. He currently has no independence and his family are very keen for him to go out with his friends and complete normal day to day tasks as any 15 year old should.

Stand up all terrain wheelchair – £20,113.50

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Meet Harley, he is aged 5 and has Cerebral Palsy. He would like an iPad to help support him with his communication skills at home and at school.

iPad – £319

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Meet Aysha, she has Cerebral Palsy and requires a specialist trike. Aysha has never been able to ride a bike before due to her disability.

Trike – £1104 

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Meet Oliver, he is aged 10 and has Autism and ADHD. He requires a laptop to help him with his communication skills and school work.

Laptop – £400

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Meet little Thomas, he is just 1 year old and has Arthrogryposis and Epilepsy. He requires a feeding chair to help him at nursery as he can not sit up on his own.

Specialist feeding chair and table – £652.90 

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Meet Cameron, he is aged 17 and has Global Development Delay, Epilepsy and Scoliosis.  He requires a powered wheelchair, he currently has a manual one and is getting too big for his parents to push him around. This is for a powered system which will be so much easier for him to get around, providing the comfort and support that he needs.

Powered Wheelchair – £6,033.45

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Meet Nieve, she is aged 8 and has Rett Syndrome, Epilepsy and Scoliosis. She requires an all terrain buggy. She is unable to walk and a full time wheelchair user. The family are very limited in where they can go as her wheelchair has to be pushed everywhere. This buggy will allow her to go out into the community with out worry if they can access certain places, even the beach will be accessible.

All Terrain Buggy – £2576




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