Caroll’s Column Thursday 8th September

09 Sep Caroll’s Column Thursday 8th September

Hi, it’s so lovely to be back! Not sure if you’ve noticed I have been on a break (literally) since July.

I had an accident on holiday in Spain and broke a bone in my back.

I am on the mend and delighted to be back at work catching up with everyone, it’s been a long summer.

I would like to thank the team Julieanne, Rebecca and Paul for holding the fort in my absence. They have done an amazing job and to everyone for their kind wishes.

I am devastated that I won’t be able to go on our Grand Canyon Trek, but I will still be supporting the other 18 ladies who are taking on the challenge and training and fundraising hard at the moment.

Good luck ladies! I am with you in spirit even though my body can’t make it. I am however still hoping to do the Iceland trek next July if my back is OK.

If you would like to join us in Iceland, it’s a five-day challenge with spectacular scenery, so give us a call if you are interested.

We are holding a launch event next Wednesday evening for people to find out more.

One of the things that kept me going while I was off was the pictures on social media and in the paper of the children we supported in our Go bananas campaign.


To see Sam enjoying the summer holidays in his all-terrain buggy with his sisters was lovely and Abbey in her hot tub smiling away.

It certainly put my temporary problem in perspective. To think what some of our families go through on a daily basis really brought home to me what struggling is.

I noticed while in my wheelchair going around Asda, that people are in so much of a hurry they rush in front of you in case you will hold them up, or try to avoid you.

It is also very strange having people talk down at you and I wasn’t the best driver – respect to wheelchair users it’s not easy.

Our Northern Lights Ball is coming around fast – three weeks tomorrow – so it’s all action stations with the final details.

It will be a fabulous night as usual with lots of local talent and entertainment. We are hoping to raise enough money to buy equipment for 10 local children so fingers crossed.

As the schools go back this week and everyone’s thoughts turn to autumn and Christmas we have started our planning.

This is such a lovely time of year to look forward and think of new things we can do to fundraise, so I will tell you more over the coming weeks.

Good luck to everyone who is running the Great North Run on Sunday, we have around 100 runners who are raising money for us and will be rewarded at the end of the run with a friendly congratulations, a sports massage and refreshments.

Whether you are joining in the fun or watching on TV it’s such an amazing event that showcases the North East – let’s hope the forecast is good.

I hope you have a lovely week, its great to be back, take care.


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