Caroll’s Column Thurs 13th October

13 Oct Caroll’s Column Thurs 13th October

Hi, so as the leaves change colour and fall off the trees I have enjoyed a couple of lovely walks in Jesmond Dene and along the Quayside, dodging the showers.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award at the Chronicle and Journal Charity Awards last Thursday.

There were some amazing fundraising stories everything from Des Bustard who has spent years fundraising for Percy Hedley to three little brothers who had raised money through sponsored runs.

It was so inspiring to see lots of North East people who are constantly doing their best to help others.

Good luck to our 19 brave souls who are going off to trek the Grand Canyon on Saturday.

I know they are going to have an amazing experience.

Unfortunately I can’t join them this year due to my back problem but I will be following their movements every step of the way wishing I was doing the 10 miles per day walking through rivers, climbing up cliffs and camping in the Canyon.

It is challenging but a brilliant experience.


Congrats to Barbara Herald and Lorraine Kane from intu who have raised an amazing £10,000, well done ladies after a year of fundraising and training its nearly time for your real challenge.

Thank you also to the retailers in intu who have helped with prizes and to everyone who has supported and donated to their total.

I’m sure intu staff have loved all their ‘fun’draising and especially their bake sales.

Also well done to Amy Whyte from Gordon Brown Law Firm who has also raised a nearly £11,000, which is staggering.

I know Amy has organised a fashion show, wine tasting and much more.

Our very own Julieanne is joining the ladies and has conquered her fear of heights to be able to take part in the trek, go girl.

The group are doing the trek for lots of different reasons, to prove to themselves they can, to experience trekking, to conquer fears or for the challenge but they all have one thing in common.

They all wanted to help local children with disabilities and they have done an amazing job of fundraising, well done to them all.

They will meet the children who have received equipment from the groups fundraising on their return which should make all their efforts worthwhile.

They are such a diverse group and all lovely I’m sure they will have a fab time, enjoy, I can’t wait to see all your pictures.

If someone you know would like to do a personal challenge while raising money for local disabled children next July we are off to Iceland for a five-day trek. Please contact me if you would like more details.

The team are so dedicated and passionate about raising money and helping as many children and families that we can.

I am always delighted and surprised by the amount of work they put in from extra hours, effort and working nights.

But its lovely when we receive a thank you in the office.

We have received lots the last two weeks from guests who enjoyed the ball, but we were so blown away by one we received in the office this week from one of the families we supported.

It was from a mum whose son has cerebral palsy and requested a walker.

He had recently undergone an operation on his legs and she explained the walker we bought was making a huge difference helping him walk again around the house.

She included a picture of her little boy standing using the walker which was so motivational.

Not everyone wants to appear in paper and we totally understand and respect that but I would like on their behalf to thank everyone who fundraises or sends us donations which makes it possible for us to buy all the equipment we supply. We couldn’t do it without you.

Hope you have fun this week. All the best, Caroll

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