Caroll’s Column Friday 6th May

Go Bananas - Sunshine Fund

18 May Caroll’s Column Friday 6th May

Hi, what a difference a week makes! Welcome May – I’m delighted the snow has gone; now bring on the summer!

On Saturday we met some of the families we will be supporting in our Go Bananas appeal in June.

We heard their stories of why they desperately need the equipment they have applied for.

One mam told me her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, suffers from terrible muscle spasms.

At school she goes into a hydrotherapy pool which allows her body and muscles to relax.

I likened it to when I get cramp in my foot and know how painful and annoying it is.

I couldn’t imagine this constantly throughout my whole body.

I know you Chronicle readers are very generous so, hopefully, we will be able to buy a much needed hydro-pool for this little girl’s home to ease the spasms she suffers.

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Another family, who live near the beach, hasn’t been able to venture onto the sand lately as the little boy is in a wheelchair.

The parents are frightened to take it onto the sand in case it breaks as he needs it 24/7 to get around.

But this means they can’t take their other two children on trips to the beach either.

So, hopefully, when we raise money in June we will buy a special all-terrain wheelchair which will enable them all to enjoy the beach together without fear of breaking the chair or getting it stuck in the sand.

Fingers crossed that we raise the £60,000 needed in total to buy all the children’s equipment as I can’t wait to see the kids enjoying themselves in the summer holidays.

I want to say a huge thank-you to intu Eldon Square for hosting the day which, while having a serious side, was a lot of fun as the children enjoyed the attention and having their photographs taken ready to appear in the paper in June.

There were lots of laughs and smiles as they relaxed; it was a really lovely day.

If you would like to fund-raise or donate then go or contact us in the office.

Thank you to all those who will be raising money in June and to Gordon Brown law firm which is getting in early by organising a fashion show in May.

The efforts are much appreciated by us and the families.

We are also organising events such as our Wear Yellow day on June 17 so why not ask your friends around for coffee and cake, tell them to wear something yellow and charge for their cuppa?

I’m planning a cake and fizz party so watch out friends and family – I will be asking for your help soon!

We also have our Sunshine Run on June 22.

This is a 5km fun run so, whether you are a runner or not, it is achievable.

I did it last year and was so pleased.

Not having run in anything before, the feeling of satisfaction was amazing.

If I can do it, anyone can.

We also have a prize for the biggest team entered so get together a group of friends or colleagues and come along to join in the fun.

It’s £17 to enter and you receive a free warm-up session; a T-shirt, medal and goodies. A

nd there’s always a great atmosphere with inflatable bananas all about the place!

I hope you have a lovely week: fingers crossed for more sunshine,

Love, Caroll

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