Caroll’s Blog Thurs 30th July 2015

31 Jul Caroll’s Blog Thurs 30th July 2015

Hi folks,

I hope you are all coping with the disappointing summer weather we are having. Fingers crossed for the heatwave the forecasters are talking about.

Now that our Go Bananas campaign is finished and nearly all the children have their equipment, we are arranging a little celebration event to see how they are getting on.

We want you to see what your money has bought and will be sharing the pictures with you very soon.

I still can’t believe we raised over £50,000 in a month – your support is amazing.

We are now working on our next round of equipment requests and, yes, there are still lots of children who need our help: it’s constant.

I spoke to a lovely mam who is hoping we will be able to help her six-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy, is deaf and blind and can’t move his legs very well.

She wants a special hot tub-type bath that will help him with his circulation, allowing him to learn to walk.

So, hopefully, this is something we will be looking at buying for him pretty soon – watch this space.

Keeping the money coming in is so important so that we can buy all the equipment we get asked for on a weekly basis.

If you would like to hold an event, know of somewhere that would have a collection box, or if you would like to volunteer to help us fundraise in the office, please get in touch.

We are always looking for people to join us so we can help as many local children as possible.

I can’t believe it, but we are putting ideas together at the moment for our Christmas fundraiser.

Well, it is nearly August and cold enough to be December!

We will be holding our Christmas Jumper Day again on Friday December 1. Not only will we be holding competitions for best jumper and most money raised, but we will be also looking for people to make some little jumpers for our mascot teddies.

So if you knit, or know of any knitters, please let me know so we can get the needles clicking.

I really want to up my training this weekend for our Petra trek in October, but I am a fair weather walker so fingers crossed the rain disappears.

If you are looking for a challenge, we are trekking the Grand Canyon in October 2016 which looks like an amazing challenge with a lovely celebration night in Las Vegas at the end – something to look forward to and keep you going through your training and fund-raising.

It looks fab: get in touch if you would like more details.

Enjoy your week, hopefully with a bit of sunshine!

If you would like to support us please contact me on 0191 201 6289 or at

For more information check out our website and follow us on Twitter @Sunshine_fund and also like our Facebook page Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund.

To donate, please send a cheque to the Chronicle Office, Groat Market, Newcastle, NE1 1ED or call the office on the above number.

Text GBSF55£3 to 70070

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