Caroll’s Blog Thurs 27th August 2015

27 Aug Caroll’s Blog Thurs 27th August 2015

Hi, I hope your week is going well. As the end of August approaches and pupils prepare to head back to school, I wonder ‘where did the summer go’?!

I had two really good walks at the weekend. Saturday was a warm-up: five hours walking around the Edinburgh Fringe.

It was a great experience with lots of great entertainers around.

Sunday was a steady hike from Corbridge to Hexham: three hours in the sunshine was lovely then was followed by a deserved lunch.

I feel on track now for my Petra Trek; there’s only my sleeping bag left to buy. I really can’t believe I will be camping under the stars six weeks today. Yikes!

It’s too late for anyone else to sign up for our Petra Trek but I can offer you the fabulous opportunity of trekking the Grand Canyon with us next year.

Looking at the scenery and having spoken to a couple of people who have done the trek, I think it might be our best one yet.

The views of the canyon look incredible and the celebration meal afterwards, when trekkers relive the amazing experience, is in Las Vegas which will be a well-deserved treat.

If you would like to join us then get in touch for more details.

I had a lovely meeting last week with Catherine Senior from Sparkle Communications.

Jen, Catherine and ant & Dec

She wanted to interview me for the company’s Lasses and Lads We Love slot. It was nice to catch up with Catherine who used to be a volunteer in our office and has helped out at lots of our events.

She found out about the Sunshine Fund when we bought equipment for her lovely sister Jen.

It was great to see how well Catherine is doing in her new role and to hear about Jen and the family.

The interview was quite painless as she was asking about what I did and my likes and dislikes.

She asked what was good about my job which was hard to pinpoint as I get to do so many fabulous things and meet some amazing and inspirational people, I feel so lucky.

She then asked me what was not so good and this has to be when we lose one of the children we have helped.

It is heartbreaking for the families who devoted all their time to looking after their child to then have such a void in their lives.

It’s so sad and this is what spurs me on to keep going and to do more.

I still can’t believe how much we raised in June.

We received a video this week from the mam of Elliott, one of the teenagers we helped in our GoBananas appeal that month.

It showed him in his new wheelchair which allows him to raise himself up and down as well as move around: it looks amazing.

I hope he has great fun getting around on his own, although I’m sure his mother, like all mams, will have moments when she still worries about the mischief he may be getting into!

I met with Jessica at Gusto on Newcastle Quayside on Tuesday. We are its chosen charity for December.

So if you are looking for somewhere to hold your – dare I mention Christmas already – festive party, then remember The Sunshine Fund will receive £1 for every meal sold in December.

The restaurant is also holding a fund-raising night on Thursday, December 10, with swing singer Glen Roughead to support us too.

I will be telling you more about it in the Christmas run-up along with more about our Christmas Jumper day plans.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend – I hope you are doing something fun.

Best wishes,


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